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Library Book Request 

Use the following link to fill out a form requesting a book the library should buy!

Book Request

Search the Library for Books 

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Go to to find out what books are in the PHS Library. Browse by genre, or search for an author, title, or subject. Log in with your student ID as your username and your last name as your password and see what you have checked out.

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SORA (by Overdrive)

BOOKS! All the books at the click of a mouse/trackpad. A world of reading.

Click the link for Sora. Find our school district and select it. Sign in through SBLink. Then, from the hamburger menu in the upper right-hand corner, choose add a library. Type 92404 to search. Choose San Bernardino Public Library. Repeat search, and choose San Bernardino County Library. Now you have thousands of ebooks and audiobooks to choose from. Enjoy!

Below is a quick video I made to show you how to get full access to the school, city, and county libraries. I also added info about how to get to the book request form at the end of the video. You use SBLink instead of Clever, but everything else is the same.

Reading Personality Book Recommendations

Reading Personality Book Recommendations

You can only see the document with the links if you are logged into your Each link takes you to a list of books recommended for each personality type. Don't know your personality type? Come to the library to take the "quiz" with Ms. Olsen.


My Genre Personality ResultsNow comes the fun part! You can only do complete this Form AFTER you have taken the Genre Personality Quiz and know your top Personalities. 

If you do not yet know your Genre Personalities, do NOT complete this form until you do! If you are not sure how to find your Genre Personality, ask your teacher for help.

Your responses will help your teacher and librarian learn more about you and what kinds of books we can recommend especially for you!

Genre Personality Quiz

Books Resources for Students

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Get the app on Android or iOS. You will need an Access Code and a Pin that you get from me. The request form is only accessible if you are logged into your district account. 

Request Access Code from Ms. Olsen

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An online community for people who love Young Adult lit. Books and excerpts to read for free each month. The website also has fun bookish quizzes and videos and sweepstakes. Definitely worth checking out. :)

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Free and discounted books. "BookBub is a free service that helps you discover books you'll love through unbeatable deals, handpicked recommendations, and updates from your favorite authors." The site doesn't sell books, they search out books for you, based on what type of books you like, and give you great recommendations that you can get, often for free.

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Read the classics for free and read with friends. Glose is a free reading app that claims to give you access to around 4000 public domain classics and lets you add books from places like Project Gutenberg. It has ways for readers to interact with each other and share quotes, so if you and a few friends wanted to read some classic together, it would be good for that. You get a free book for signing up for an account and websites, like Riveted, will give a free book that you access on Glose.


Listen to classics for free. Many of the same public domain books that are available on Glose are available on Lit2Go and LibriVox. The interface on Lit2Go is nicer and many of the readings are better quality, but there are more books available on LibriVox. Either way, you can find plenty of classics available for your listening pleasure on these two sites.