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Volunteering at PHS

Dear Community Volunteer: 

On behalf of the staff of San Bernardino City Unified School District, I would like to extend our appreciation for your dedication of improving the academic achievement of our students. Volunteers play an important and valuable role in our district. Students, teachers, staff, parents and the community benefit from the work of individuals like you who freely share their talents and resources. We also know that as a volunteer, you, too, will be rewarded. This handbook is directed to all volunteers, parents/families, grandparents, college, high, or middle school students, retired persons, former teachers and administrators, persons from the business and faith communities, persons of every educational level - in short, to anyone wishing to devote a portion of his or her time to one of the most important resources in this community – our schools. Because we want you to get the most out of your volunteer experience, we want to make sure you are an informed volunteer. Whether you commit one hour a week, one day a week, or commit to the entire school year, your efforts make a difference for our students. 

Volunteers help in many different ways such as: tutoring, classroom assistants, playground supervision, library assistants, office assistants, field trip chaperones, team sports, and special projects. We cannot imagine what it would be like without your hard work and dedication. On behalf of the teachers, staff, and students - We appreciate all that you give to improve the quality of education for our students.