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Connect with Pacific High School: Strengthening the Parent-School Partnership

At Pacific, we believe that a child's educational journey is a shared endeavor, and that parents play an essential role in their success. We invite you to join us in building a strong and supportive parent-school partnership to empower your child's growth, well-being, and academic achievement.

Why Connect with Us

When parents are actively involved in their child's education, it positively impacts their academic performance, motivation, and overall well-being. Our commitment to transparent and open communication ensures that you are informed and engaged in your child's educational experience. We want to hear your insights, concerns, and feedback. We offer a wealth of resources, workshops, and support services to help you navigate your child's academic and personal development.

How to Get Involved

  • Attend Parent-Teacher Meetings: Regularly attend parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child's progress, strengths, and areas for improvement.
  • Join Parent Organizations: Become a part of our parent organizations, such as the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent Advisory Council (PAC), to influence school policies and initiatives.
  • Participate in School Events: Attend school events, performances, and extracurricular activities to celebrate your child's accomplishments and connect with the school community.
  • Stay Informed: Keep updated on school news, important dates, and educational resources through our newsletters, emails, ParentSquare and the school website.
  • Support Homework and Study Habits: Create a conducive environment for homework, encourage good study habits, and offer your assistance when needed.

Together, We Empower Success

Your involvement is not just a partnership with Pacific but also a bond with your child. Together, we can inspire growth, provide unwavering support, and nurture a love for learning.

By connecting with us, you ensure that your child's educational journey is enriched, supported, and fulfilling. We look forward to working together to create an environment where every student can thrive. Join us in building a brighter future for your child and our school community.