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Pacific's College Now

Pacific's College Now Program Overview

In collaboration with San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC), students engage in a rigorous program earning up to two years of transferable college credit while in high school. 

The dual enrollment program at our high school provides an exceptional opportunity for students to enrich their academic experience and gain a head start on their college journey. Here's an overview of our dual enrollment program:

CurriculumOur program offers a selection of college-level courses in various subjects, allowing students to explore diverse fields and delve deeper into their academic interests. These courses are taught by college-approved instructors either on our high school campus, at a local college, or online.

BenefitsParticipating in dual enrollment not only provides students with a more challenging academic experience but also offers several advantages:

  • College Credits: Successful completion of these courses earns students both high school and college credits, saving time and tuition fees in future higher education pursuits.
  • College Readiness: Dual enrollment equips students with the academic rigor and expectations of college-level coursework, helping them transition seamlessly to higher education.
  • Exploration & Specialization: Students have the chance to explore potential majors or fields of interest, gaining a deeper understanding before entering college.

Average Cost of attending Colleges/Universities in CaliforniaAverage cost of attending Colleges/Universities in California

SupportOur dual enrollment program is supported by dedicated teachers and advisors who guide students in selecting courses that align with their academic goals and future aspirations. They also assist in navigating the enrollment process and provide ongoing support throughout the program.Eligibility

Students typically need to meet certain criteria, such as maintaining a minimum GPA or demonstrating readiness for college-level coursework through placement tests or other assessments.

Success Stories

Many of our dual enrollment program graduates have gone on to excel in their college careers, citing their experience in the program as a key factor in their preparedness for higher education.

Join us in our dual enrollment program and take advantage of this unique opportunity to accelerate your academic journey, gain valuable college experience, and set a solid foundation for future success in higher education and beyond.





Quick Facts


Dual Enrollment Sash

San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) Board of Education and the Cabinet want to recognize those students that have completed at least forty SBCUSD credits through dual enrollment at a local universities or community colleges throughout their four years of high school with a SBCUSD Dual Enrollment Sash/Stole to wear at their sites graduation.  The school district and Cabinet understands the hard work and determination it took for these students to complete these college classes, while at the same time taking seven classes and participating in extracurricular activities at their school sites.  These students were committed to getting a head start on their post secondary education, with some students earning enough credits to complete their Associates of Arts degree or transfer to a University as a Junior.


The criteria for selecting students to receive the SBCUSD Dual Enrollment stole/sash is earning forty San Bernardino City Unified School District high school credits by the end of first semester of their twelfth grade year.  The district wanted to establish a criteria that students could obtain by taking one dual enrollment course (3 units or higher) each year. The student would be able to achieve the needed forty credits by taking a single three unit course or higher each year.   Students earn SBCUSD credits for Dual Enrollment courses in the following way:


1 Unit = 5 High School Credits

2 Units = 5 High School Credits

3 Units = 10 High School Credits

4 Units = 10 High School Credits (*Foreign language Courses are issued 20 credits)

5 Units = 20 High School Credits


The higher the college unit courses would allow students to complete the needed SBCUSD credit at an expedited rate, courses with lower credits will result in the student having to take additional courses to reach the needed forty credits to meet this criteria.  

First page of the PDF file: DUALENROLLMENTSASH
First page of the PDF file: SashPosterSpanish