The major function of the PBiS approach is to deal with students' behavior in the most effective way to help with each student's overall success.
To elaborate, the program offers a primary, secondary, and tertiary level of intervention.  A basic tenet of the PBiS approach includes identifying students in one of three categories based on risk for behavior problems. Once identified, students receive services in one of three categories: primary, secondary, or tertiary. To help practitioners with differences in interventions used at each of the levels the professional literature refers to a three-tiered (levels) model.  Interventions are specifically developed for each of these levels with the goal of reducing the risk for academic or social failure. These interventions may be behavioral and/or academic interventions incorporating scientifically proven forms of instruction.  The interventions become more focused and complex as one examines the strategies used at each level.
Behavior Support Leaders
Mr.  Botello
Resource Teacher

1020 Pacific St
San Bernardino, CA  92404

Ph: (909) 388-6419

The Behavior Support Leaders (BSL), is a group of staff members who have been tasked with the responsibility of coordinating and implementing a school-wide application of the PBiS approach here at Pacific High School.

The BSL duties include: 
    1. Managing Referrals and Subsequent Consequences 
    2. Coordinating Suspensions  
    3. Addressing Student Tardiness  
    4. Coordinating and performing Home Visits 
    5. Conducting Conflict Mediations and Resolutions

1020 Pacific St., San Bernardino, CA 92404 | Phone: (909) 388-6419 | Fax: (909) 388-6427

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