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Pacific High School received its most recent WASC Accreditation in spring of 2019.

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School-wide Learning Outcomes(formerly ESLRs) The 5 Cs


Effective Communicators who:

  • Develop effective presentation and communication skills
  • Convey ideas through coherent and focused writing
  • Defend positions with evidence-based statements that are appropriate in personal and professional settings

Complex Thinkers who: 

  • Apply knowledge, skills, and experience to solve problems relevant to academic content and a broad spectrum of careers
  • Synthesize information, make connections, and draw conclusions
  • Persevere in solving problems

Collaborative Workers who:

  • Value the individual contributions made by each team member and understand how to build consensus for decision-making
  • Use social awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships
  • Demonstrate integrity, respect, and ethical behavior

College and Career ready students who:

  • Participate in a Linked Learning academy to develop career readiness skills
  • Set and pursue realistic and challenging educational goals for learning, growth, and success
  • Exhibit regular attendance, appropriate appearance, and goal-driven behavior

Community Participants who:

  • Make a positive contribution in the school and community
  • Respect and encourage the contributions of others in learning and social interactions
  • Value diversity and demonstrate empathy